May 30, 2024

Gamification : Harnessing the Power of Play

What does the term ‘gamification’ really mean? Does it only apply to applications developed through writing code? Is gamification really necessary to use in the first place?

Gamification and it’s versatility

Gamification involves incorporating gaming elements in non-game settings. However, it encompasses more than meets the eye. Understanding the psychology of gamification can explain why it is so successful.

The education industry is leveraging gamification principles to help students understand complex concepts and increase their interest in learning and upskilling. Statistics and data support the use of gamification in education.

Gamification can achieve many more things. For example, Phylo is a game that aids research into DNA sequencing. It has helped scientists identify thousands of incorrect DNA combinations, contributing to a better understanding of DNA. Additionally, teachers have redesigned their classrooms like game rooms to make the learning environment more engaging.

The other areas where gamification can be used and get significant results.

  • Assessments
  • Workplace
  • Sales websites
  • Research and development
  • Productivity
  • Digital platform

Gamification and Human psychology

Gamification not only benefits the education industry, but it also helps in understanding human psychology. By examining the effects of gaming, sports, and other game-like activities on the human brain and behavior, we can gain insights into the human brain and its working.

Problem solving : Problem-solving is a critical skill that gamification can help develop. It stimulates creativity and enhances “fluid intelligence” in both children and adults. Games improve cognitive actions, leading to more effective and creative thinking that can help in problem-solving.

Winning and losing : Overcoming challenges successfully no matter how small will secret dopamine in the brain and hence releases testosterone, which makes people want to do the activity more and are not hesitant to face the challenges. And the opposite also will be true if he only faces the losses.

So, by using what we call positive and negative reinforcements. We can make or break a habit in humans. If you have read “Atomic habits” which says daily small actions can result in huge outcomes and with leveraging gamification we can implement the principles of Atomic habits for real.

Man’s search for meaning : Games improve motivation factors in humans and these motivations can also be classified into extrinsic and intrinsic. Among these two motivations the one that screws with our psyche is Intrinsic motivation. It can be defined as “doing an activity for inherent satisfaction”.

If you see in the games, winning or clearing gives you immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement even though there is no use of those in the real world. So gamification can help in driving motivation and if done right.

If you look around, you may notice that many men nowadays are increasingly interested in gaming and becoming shut-ins. This is because in the real world, when they try hard, are assertive, and strive to win, they are often labeled as “toxic”. As a result, they find comfort in gaming, where they can complete challenges that drive their intrinsic motivation, release testosterone and dopamine, and provide them with a sense of accomplishment that they are not being allowed to experience in the real world.

May More : Gamification also helps improve perseverance, bring them in flow state, decision making, and about rules and constraints.

Gamification and AI

After the emergence of Chat GPT, people are more aware of what the AI is capable of and are becoming aware of the AI’s existence. So, by using AI in gamification we are able to personalize gamification and games according to the people. Which can be called “Personalized gamification” or “Tailored gamification”.

By using the data such as gender,age, profession and others such as browsing, search or users we can provide gamification according to users want and taste, giving VIP experience. For example for Males we can leverage gamification inspired from COD, GTA etc as these are played more by men and for women game themes like candy crush and such.

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